Pre-Operative Program

The physicians at Montclair Cardiology are experts in pre-operative risk assessment. We have a comprehensive preoperative program that incorporates our tremendous experience and state of the art testing capabilities. Who needs a pre-operative risk assessment?
  • Everyone should have a pre-operative risk assessment prior to surgery or anesthesia
  • Regardless of age or prior medical conditions, surgery is stressful both physically and mentally
  • Patients with known heart disease and also those with diabetes, chronic kidney disease or prior stroke are at increased risk for cardiovascular complications from non-cardiac surgery
  • People who are about to undergo surgical procedures such as aortic and peripheral vascular surgery, bariatric surgery, carotid endarterectomy, orthopedic surgery, abdominal surgery, as well as head and neck procedures are at increased risk of complications
Why pre-operative risk assessment?
  • Many procedures and surgeons require that a formal risk assessment be performed. As experienced cardiovascular specialists we are best equipped for accurate and timely assessment of your risk during and after surgery.
  • A proper risk assessment can help reduce your risk of cardiovascular complications and ensure desired surgical outcome.
  • An incomplete risk assessment can put you at risk for serious complications associated with surgery
How do we assess your risk?
  • You will receive a thorough history and physical exam including:
        A review of your current symptoms
        A review of your medications
        A review of prior medical conditions and procedures
        A complete physical exam
        A review of your electrocardiogram
        A review of your test results
  • Patients may receive appropriate preoperative tests including:
        Stress test
        Carotid sonogram
        Chest x-ray or CT scan (performed off site)