Healthy Heart Program

We at Montclair Cardiology have been the pioneers in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases in our community. We know that the most significant impact on the health of our patients can be accomplished by the early recognition of their risks and proper treatment and advice. Seven key elements in prevention of heart disease are:
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood sugar
  • Exercise
  • Obesity
  • Diet
  • Tobacco smoking
This is why we at Montclair Cardiology champion the American Heart Association Life’s “Simple 7”. We will assess your risk, treat the established problems and help you to live a long and healthy life. Montclair Cardiology doctors will help you to:
  • Manage your cholesterol. If your cholesterol is 200 mg/dL or higher, you need to take action. High cholesterol can cause blocked arteries-most common cardiovascular disease. Simple diet changes and exercise can significantly improve your cholesterol level. However, sometimes medications are needed. We have the expertise and tremendous experience in treating high cholesterol.
  • Manage your blood pressure. High blood pressure is the most significant risk factor for heart disease. High blood pressure can injure your blood vessels from the inside, setting the stage for blockages. If your blood pressure is elevated you should receive treatment. The first steps in treating high blood pressure are changes in diet, exercise and weight reduction. However, sometimes medications are needed. Montclair Cardiology’s expert doctors treat high blood pressure in ways backed by the latest scientific data and decades of professional experience.
  • Reduce your blood sugar. If your fasting blood sugar is higher than 100 you are at risk or you may have diabetes. Most of the people who have diabetes will eventually get the heart disease. If you have diabetes or pre-diabetes your doctor will advise you about changes in your diet, exercise program and prescribe medications or insulin if you need it.
  • Get on with the exercise program. We believe that regular exercise is an essential part of cardiovascular care both for our patients with serious heart disease and for those who are at risk but want to stay healthy. Many of our patients attend supervised exercise programs but most exercise independently. We will help you devise your exercise plans based on your individual health and desired goals.
  • Help you lose weight.  If you are overweight, especially if the fat is accumulated around your waist your risk of heart disease is high. Body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher your risk is significant. You can calculate your BMI by clicking here.
  • Create heart healthy diet. Eating healthy is one of the best weapons in preventing heart disease. Making the right food choices most of the time is the goal we like to accomplish with all of our patients.  Harvard Healthy Eating plate is the great way to start with the diet counseling. We at Montclair Cardiology will help you make the right choices and stay on the right course.
  • Help you quit tobacco smoking. Quitting smoking is a must if you want to avoid serious heart and vascular disease. We at Montclair Cardiology will help you to stop smoking. For help on getting started please visit this AHA website.
Facts about heart disease:
  • Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the United States.
  • Most symptoms of heart disease, like shortness of breath, are easily ignored.
  • Early diagnosis and risk assessment can prevent serious complications and save your life.